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Competitive Team Info FAQ's


Fields & Facilities:


Heart of Texas Soccer Complex offers your athletes or tournament team a pleasant experience from any position of play. The273 fields make the sport fun and enjoyable for all ages.


Lighting is provided for evening games, and concession is easily accessible from all of the field locations.


Shade is obtainable from the many trees that surround the complex, as well as a lighted 150 x 100 foot pavillion.


We are proud to be one of the nicest complexes in Texas, offering easy to access facilities. A well lit tournament board is located central of the complex for easy access during tournaments.


A modern coaches area is set-up for latest news, rules, field locations, questions and complaints. Commissioners and board of directors are always on-staff to help, and can be located in the coaches building.


Clean, well maintained restrooms are available on both the east and west campuses. They are centrally located for access.



In conjunction with HOTSA Rules & Bylaws, Section 15.4:


• If a recreational, academy or competitive team enters into a “Field Usage Agreement” with Heart of Texas Soccer Association (HOTSA), the team agrees to abide by Practice Guidelines as outlined in this Section.

• The coach is responsible for the behavior and conduct of players, parents, and spectators during practice. Any language, actions, or other behaviors that are in conflict with the Rules & Bylaws established by HOTSA will be grounds for a hearing conducted by the HOTSA Appeals & Discipline Committee.

• If you arrive to find the gates locked, under no circumstances are players allowed to enter the facility.

• Practice shall only occur on the field assigned, as noted on the “Field Usage Agreement”.

• Goals may not be moved for any reason by Guests.

• Shooting and/or Goalkeeper training inside the marked goal area shall be strictly limited to a maximum of fifteen minutes per practice. This policy is being enacted to maintain the integrity of the field within the goal area. Violation of this rule will result in a fine of $100 per violation. Teams may not utilize the field until the fine has been paid and the team is cleared to practice by the HOTSA Field and Facilities Director.

• Goalkeepers cannot put marks in the goal or penalty area for reference points.

• Extended goalkeeper training activities should be conducted outside of the penalty area, preferably near the sides of the field.

• Repetitive activities such as ladder training, grid training, etc. should be done in areas that are not heavily utilized during normal play.

• Digging up the field with cleats or purposely damaging the field is prohibited.

• Only those individuals involved directly in the training should be on the field during practice. All other spectators should remain off the field of play.

• Teams are responsible for cleaning up all trash including food, drink bottles, paper cups, etc.and placing in appropriate trash containers. Violation of this rule will result





Practice Usage Information and Rules 2015