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Team/Club Fact Sheet2017-201 – ONLINE Due to North Texas by June 15th (complete it even if you miss the deadline!)


Every Select/Competitive soccer team must thoroughly complete this form and give it to all prospective players at tryouts and before they are extended an offer to play with the team. This form is required to be completed prior to holding any tryouts or signing any players. You

will receive an approval from North Texas by email.


Tryouts tobeginyJuly  1,2017  or after. No tryouts are allowed prior to July1,2017..  At all tryouts  both players and parents must sign the signature page once they have received the fact sheet.


Below are inks t  the forms competitive team(s) need to register through Heart of Texas Soccer Association:


  • North Texas Competitive Team Roster must be completed and signed by Head Coach of team. Team Roster should be completed when all players have submitted signed Competitive Player Membership Forms and Certified Birth Certificates.
  • Approved Team Fact Sheet from NorthTexas, not the online applications
  • Fact Sheet Signature page with every player/parent signature from tryouts AND page 3 with coach signature..
  • Competitive Membership Player Form for each player fully completed. Name on form must match the submitted Birth Certificate and list the team name (Spanish version).
  • Certified Birth Certificate of each player. Returning players to thesamesteam  do not need to upload a birth certificate Only applies to consecutive years..
  • Medical Release For:. Each parent should complete this form for their child. Team Manager to keep these. DoNOTt submit these to HOT.Photos: 1. Head shot only, 2. No action shots, 3. No hats or sunglasses, 4. Must be current and clear, 5. Registration will not be considered complete without  player photos



To register with Heart of Texas Soccer Association as your “Home” Association clic kher or on the mCompetitive Team Registration link to the right of the page. If you have a Got Soccer team account, use your team log in. If you do not have a Got Soccer team account and are registering as a member of a competitive club, contact the competitive club manager for assistance in getting a team account under their Club. If you are not associated with a Club, thencontactr theregistrarm to createar new the NTSSA Independent Club (known as "None of the Above".  Do not use your recreational/academy team account. You will need to create a New team account.


Download the instructions to register your competitive team with Heart of Texas Soccer Association.




All forms pertaining to the registration are REQUIRED TO BE UPLOADED UNDER THE EVENT.  DO NOT MAIL OR E-MAIL FORMS


  • Approved Team Fact sheet to be scanned in one file and uploaded.
  • North Texas Competitive Roster to be scanned in one file and uploaded.
  • All Competitive Player forms to be scanned in one file and uploaded (in alphabetical order please!).
  • Birth Certificates to be scanned in one file anduploaded (in alphabetical order please!)..
  • Fact Sheet signature pages to be scanned in one file and uploaded.


If you need help uploading your team documents, download "Document Upload Help Instructions" here.


Payment will be required at the time of registration via credit card or e-check. This is not optional.  Registration Fees are as outlined below:

  • Team Registration: $00  per season (Fall and Spring)
  • Player Registration: $30 peryear
  • Coach/Manager/Trainerr Registration: $5 per year


Any team that registers with an outstanding balance will be billed to their submitted credit card for payment immediately. Official rosters will notbe  produced until payment hascleared.d


Other forms you may need during theseason:

                                              .Release/Transfer Form (player)

Competitive Registrar Add/Transfer/Delete Form (team)

Guest Player Release Form

STX Interstate Permission Form (required for NTX players that played in STX last season; submit to






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